Who are we??

We are argentinians, but we are foreigners at the same time. We live in Buenos Aires and travel a lot. So, at the moment we are "locals", but yestarday we used to be "the visitors" and we will it be tomorrow. As well as this, we are a group in San Telmo: we are all you can see on the photos: argentinians, frenchs, germans and northamericans. By the time we shared toguether we learnt a little of everyone, every language and every meal (the french one was the best!!) and now we can say "Hola" even in Portuguesse.

This is what we are.. we just invite you to join us.. to live in Buenos Aires with us...

Piso Compartido
  • Alice (Italy) and Jenny (England) ready to go out.
  • Jesi, jimmy and Jesi.
  • Say Hi!!.
  • Asado for everybody in Boedo!
  • Care y Stephie!! Llegaron, tomaron y se fueron... una lástima..
  • Julia (Alemania), Andres (Argentina) y Jesica (USA) con sombreros de Tango.
  • Edd con sus chicas.. no serà mucho Edd?!?
  • Todos usando internet wi-fi: cuanta tecnologia!!
  • San Telmo desde nuestro balcón
  • Javi en la fiesta de Mayo.
  • Andres y una amiga en la fiesta de cumpleaños. Mayo 2006.
  • Luke: el galán de la casa.
  • Asado para todos en la casa de Boedo!
  • Noah, Fabian y la Carla.. tres vinos en escena