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The trend of rooftops bars also reaches Buenos Aires in 2021. Little by little, the bars on the heights with luminous terraces take over the city and offer a different proposal for the after-office. Warm afternoons are ideal for relaxing, having a nice drink and enjoying good music in the sky of Buenos Aires.

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1- Dome Rooftop

An after office in the heights of the city, in an emblematic building of the belle époque that today is hotel and whose terrace hosts the perfect spot for a drink, a sunset, a view and live DJs. That’s Dome Rooftop, this space with Parisian airs on the top floor of the Tango de Mayo Hotel, in front of the Barolo Palace and outdoors in Monserrat, the neighborhood whose best angle is undoubtedly the one seen from above.
They reopened the rooftops season recently, but with the right timing. From Wednesday to Friday, from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., the plan invokes good cocktails, a tapas to accompany, and a view of some of the most elegant buildings in Buenos Aires. The architecture includes domes and a magical and sophisticated journey into the past. A recommendation? Try to get closer before the sun comes down to appreciate the landscape with more light.

AV. DE MAYO 1396 


Resultado de imagen para rooftop buenos aires

It was shown that hotels are the masters of the heights, and this proves once more. On the terrace of the 11th floor of the prestigious hotel Alvear, a bar inspired by the eminence city of the rooftops, New York, takes place. A must in every way: for its incredible panoramic view, for its elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, and because the cocktails were designed by some of the best bartenders in the country.
Perfect antidote for the heats of summer, from up there all is enjoyment and luxury. The city, between cement, green, violet (depends on the time you go) and the horizon of the Rio de la Plata, is clearly seen and is the perfect setting to polish photographic skills. A perfect coordinate for some special outing, the next venue for a year-end celebration – which abound – or simply to live a different sunset.



Here, the premise that runs is that the higher, the better. The highest bar in Buenos Aires could not be on the list, because although it is not outdoors, the glass meets the premise and knowing it is a must. An expert panoramic view of skyscrapers and cliffs on the 32nd floor of the Alvear Icon hotel from which you can even see Uruguay. If you never climbed a helicopter, this is the closest thing to the experience (with a much lower adrenaline rate, but the same quality in views).
It is the first sky bar in the city, owner of a chic atmosphere, drinks of author, elegance and sophistication at 128 meters high. The post is to go up at night, when the lights of the city show their best angle. Searching for buildings in miniature is an inherent part of knowing it.


4- Las Terrazas Pool & Bar

If what you are looking for is a rooftop to dance in the light of the moon, this is the place. As a real open-air bowling alley, but 40 meters high, this terrace has two levels, one with a small living room and high tables, and another where the track is armed and filled next to the pool. There is a space for the DJ, who rotates week after week but almost always chooses electronic music, especially deep and progressive house. Here, we insist, you dance: alone, as a couple or as a group, surrounded by colored lights that turn to touch the domes of buildings and towers surrounding the Plaza de Mayo, just two blocks away. They are frequented by foreigners – guests of the same hotel or others nearby -, office workers and followers of DJs, who find out who “touches” every night on social networks. It works only during the summer, on Thursdays and Fridays from 18 to 23. The gastronomic options are limited, since the bar is mounted especially in a corner of the deck for each event, but the public (30-45) does not complain: it goes for his beer or his Campari Orange and at most pecks some quesitos or mini pies. At the end of the day, what summons them is the music, the atmosphere, the view of the city and / or that boy / girl with whom they can share a good time in the armchairs or chairs of a small reserved area, under the stars.


A speakeasy brewery that hides two floors above, the incredible view it has on its – obvious – rooftop. Every landscape with stairs in between is more valuable, and even more so if it is in Recoleta, one of the most beautiful areas of the city. Of the same owners of Bartola – Palermo’s quintessential tea house – arrived not too long ago this proposal hidden behind a facade that, like any secret bar, does not anticipate anything.
“When you go up there is the beer rooftop, an innovative concept compared to beer gardens. To capitalize it, we decided to make the entrance hidden, because whoever enters and arrives at the top, will be surprised more. Few breweries have this privileged view on an open terrace, “explains Gonzalo Barruti, founding partner. The postcard that the rooftop owns is the great Recoleta Cemetery, between hanging lights, high tables and lots of good beer, with twelve taps to encourage indecision.